Typically, the use of a VPN is required to be able to keep working. Let’s Connect! provides an open source VPN solution allowing ISPs, hosters and businesses to easily setup a secure VPN service.

We are people from the Research and Educational community and under the governance of the Commons Conservancy foundation founded an open source VPN project. Both server-side software as all client software has been released under an open source license.

The project is known under two names: Let’s Connect! and eduVPN. The brand eduVPN is used to promote this VPN solution to international educational and research organizations. Our progress can be followed on GitHub and through the Blog. Our apps can be found on the Apps page. Please contact us if you want to contribute to, or work with Let’s Connect!


We would like to thank our former and current sponsors for supporting our work on Let's Connect!

European Commission NLnet Foundation RIPE NCC SIDN fonds NGI TRUST